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It's all about an Efficient Connection between People

To start a Successful business transaction, you need that exact moment, where the RIGHT MESSAGE is delivered to THE RIGHT PERSON.

We can help you by building the right message in the most effective format, and we can help finding the right audience, in Israel and abroad. Use our international network and experience.

The 3 Secret Elements
  • Fundraising Campaigns – Complete 3 to 6 month program covering all phases from analyzing the business in order to maximize the efficiency of the process, using our international network to find potential investors, assisting in responding to due diligence requests, prospectus preparation, the design and tailoring of presentations and printed material, to the planning, rehearsing and conducting the investor's road show.

  • Marketing Excellence Toolkit – Every job needs the right tools. We provide a must-have set of tools tailored to your specific needs, including convincing presentations, videos, animations, printed material and even presentation equipment.

  • Presentation Training and Coaching Programs – Excellent tools are essential, but one must know how to use them. Our training programs include several levels of seminars and complete CCTV assisted hands-on workshops, designed to improve oral presentation skills and public appearance of individuals.

Emotions have a significant role in the decision making process of your potential investor, partner or customer. Stories evoke emotions. Our brain is wired that way. We provide you the three key elements that will ensure your success:

  • Content – we build the story (your story) focusing on substances, targets and objectives required to lead your audience to the desired logical and emotional conclusion


  • Style – we design and build all visual tools that will help you telling the story and motivate your audience

  • Speaker – we dramatically improve your presentation skills, and if required we can even help you deliver the message

  • State-Of-The-Art Marketing Tools – your "One Stop Shop" partner providing:

  • Compelling modern presentations – Prezi, PowerPoint,  video animations and more

  • Video Production – marketing, sales and corporate video clips

  • Flyers,  Brochures and Hardcopy Handouts – complementary printed material

  • Presentation Training Workshops and Seminars – beginners to advanced executives, marketing and salespersons can benefit from complete training workshops and introductory one-day seminars on the art of presentation and public speaking

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching – Far too often, investment discussions or marketing efforts go astray because of poor oral presentation skills. Our coaching program reveals the hidden actor and talented speaker in you and dramatically upgrades your performance

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