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Hi, my name is Eyal Saban.

As an entrepreneur and business strategist combining more than 35 years of experience in different disciplines of the high-tech industry, including fundraising and international marketing, with corporate and systemic vision, advanced presentation skills and performing arts techniques – I know that we at Netium, can make YOUR first impression successful, MOTIVATING your AUDIENCE to ACT


How I Can

Help You

My motto is "Never Compromise with an Excellent First Impression".


Whether you run an international corporate business, planning a public or private offering, a fundraising campaign, or you plan a sales road show promoting your new product – the first impression counts the most. 


To start a Successful business transaction, you need that exact moment, where the RIGHT MESSAGE is delivered to THE RIGHT PERSON. We can help you by building the right message in the most effective format, and we can help finding the right audience, in Israel and abroad. Use our international network and experience.


From a multimedia modern presentation to a complete efficiently planned campaign accompanied by professionals, we at Netium are here for you.

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