Whether you like it or not, life is all about selling. We are always selling something. Transferring an idea, conveying a message, motivating an action of an individual (spouse, kid, boss, client)  or a group (investors, prospects, employees) – that is all selling. Although my formal primary education is in software engineering at the IDF military computer academy long time ago, I always found myself attracted to better understand  human behavior and human decision process.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am offering more than 35 years of experience in different disciplines of the high-tech industry, sharing my entrepreneurial spirit, corporate and systemic vision and analytical approach. I am also sharing developed marketing and multilingual presentation skills, highly competence in the development of marketing tools (video, presentations), coaching and training capabilities, international experience, profound technical background, and experience with public offerings, investor relations and financial markets.

I developed a unique orchestrated approach based on:

  • Neuromarketing concepts that apply principles of neuroscience to marketing methodologies

  • Systemic and holistic approach that considers any mission as part of much broader picture

  • Application of delivery techniques inspired by theater, storytelling and performing arts

For that reason, throughout a long career in the high tech business, I was always involved in different roles that required much selling, delivery and convincing activities: strategy planning, marketing material preparation, keynote speaking, road shows, investor relations and so on - while building an international network of connections.







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